What is CourtSide EDX?

In an age where movies are streamed instantly to our televisions and people across oceans communicate with each other face-to-face, lawyers in Ontario still send legal documents using mail, courier, and fax technology from the 1960's. We figured it was time for change...

Our proposal to amend Ontario's Rules of Civil Procedure resulted in the adoption of a rule permitting service by electronic document exchange. CourtSide EDX is the first electronic document exchange developed specifically to comply with this new rule.

CourtSide EDX is a web-based platform for the instantaneous service of legal documents. Through the CourtSide EDX Record of Service, members can confirm the date and time of delivery and prove the content of their served documents. Best of all, sent and received documents are automatically organized in the CourtSide EDX Dashboard.

With the "EDX Rule" having come into force on January 1, 2015, the litigation process in Ontario has become more efficient, less expensive, and better suited to the modern practice of law.

Join CourtSide EDX and the growing network of lawyers who are moving law forward.