The EDX Rule

Effective January 1, 2015, amendments to Ontario's Rules of Civil Procedure have made the service of court documents quicker and easier. The new rule permitting service by electronic document exchange (the "EDX Rule"), established CourtSide EDX as a valid method of service in Ontario.

The EDX Rule is made up of two components:

Method of Service

Under Rules 16.01(4)(b)(iii) and 16.05(1)(c.1), a document that does not require personal service may be served by electronic document exchange. CourtSide EDX is the first electronic document exchange in Ontario that complies with the EDX Rule.

Proof of Service

Under Rule 16.09(4.1), proving that a document was served by way of electronic document exchange requires a record of service which sets out a number of details about the service. No affidavit of service is needed to file your documents with the court. CourtSide EDX automatically generates a record of service ­- all you need to do is print it and file it at the court with your original documents. Records of service always remain accessible through your CourtSide EDX Dashboard.

The CourtSide EDX Record of Service goes beyond the basic requirements of the EDX Rule. Its proprietary security features make all details of service, including the content of the documents served, completely verifiable, virtually eliminating disputes over service.